Who We Are

Eco-Friendly House Cleaning

Sparkling Clean Agency is a domestic house cleaning Agency founded 2005. We are specialists in Eco Friendly Cleaning . All the cleaners referred by us use only non-toxic cleaning products. Our philosophy is that the point of cleaning your house is not to replace bacteria with toxic chemicals, but to truly clean your house in a safe manner.

Since we started, we've attracted a loyal clientele based our exceptional customer service. Our customers range from stay-at-home mothers in need of a breather to office dwelling professionals with a little time to spare. With a full range of cleaning services, San Francisco based Sparkling Clean Agency offers clients a chance to sit back and relax with professional cleaners taking over their chores.

San Francisco based Sparkling Clean Agency offers clients a chance to sit back and relax with professional cleaners taking over their chores.

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All the housekeepers referred by Sparkling Clean Agency are committed to using eco-friendly products. With eco-friendly cleaning services, San Francisco families and their environment don't have to be exposed to harsh cleaning chemicals. The cleaners we refer provide high quality house cleaning services using cleaning products that are safe for you, for the cleaning staff and the environment.

Why go green...

We need to be aware how our actions impact others and the Earth. Even little things can mean a lot. When it comes to cleaning services, San Francisco families can avoid the negative effects of harsh chemicals by choosing green cleaning methods. We assure our clients that the housekeepers referred by our agency provide quality cleaning services while using non-toxic products. Since 2005, our company has an established reputation when it comes to referring reliable and professional domestic workers in San Francisco. The house cleaners we refer opt for environment-friendly ways of cleaning so you never have to worry about dangerous chemicals that may risk your family's health.

Most cleaning products on the market contain chemical substances that are harmful for you and your family. Doesn't it make sense to clean your home only with the safest products?

The housekeepers perform an eco-friendly cleaning that's good for your home and family, themselves, and the Earth. Many clients are switching to environmentally safe, effective cleaners to improve the health of their families. Why put your family's health at risk from chemicals that other conventional cleaners use?

At Sparkling Clean Agency, we always keep in mind the health and wellness of your family. We do not only refer cleaners to clean your space, but we also make sure that they do it in the safest way possible. When it comes to green cleaning services, San Francisco's Sparkling Clean Agency is the one to call.