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San Mateo House Cleaning

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Eco-friendly House Cleaning San Mateo 

If you want a hotel-quality maid service in San Mateo only using all natural, Eco-friendly, and green products, you need look no further. Not satisfied? We guarantee all customers will be satisfied with their house cleaning!

Hassle -free Move out Cleaning 

Moving is exhausting. We can help you! “Ten stars! Ten stars! Sparkling Clean Agency was affordable and the job they did was magnificent. If you are thinking you're going to do your own move-out cleaning to save money, you need your head checked. First, they'll do a 'professional' job. Secondly, you'll get your full deposit back. Finally, you don't realize how physically and mentally fried you're going to be by the time cleaning day arrives.” SS Yelp

Professional House Cleaner

All house cleaners are professional and carry liability insurance and must pass continuous, rigorous background checks to work with our agency.They must maintain high ratings of client satisfaction to continue cleaning for our clients

What clients are saying about our San Mateo House Cleaning Service

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I'd been putting off getting our apartment cleaned because I can usually keep it up on my own.  I decided to treat myself and try Sparkling Clean Agency.  I am so happy that I did!  Sigolena showed up right on time and wiped every wall and corner.  My kitchen and floors shine and the whole place smells clean.  I will definitely book again- I would never be able to get our apartment in San Mateo  this clean on my own.

Danielle T

The apartment in San Mateo was truly filthy, so my first thought when I saw Mercedes standing alone with a vacuum and a small cart full of cleaning material was "where are the rest of them?" But it turns out that one was more than enough -- she transformed a horrifying wasteland of grime and debris into something eerily reminiscent of the place I moved into a year ago, which must have been one hell of a task. Making the reservation online was easy and the service was exceptional. I highly recommend Sparkling Clean Agency and Mercedes if she's available.

Greg Z

I had my first cleaning service this week with Sparking Clean Agency and I was amazed how organized they are. My house in San Mateo is huge and very messy because I just got a dog and believe it or not the cleaner did such a wonderful job that it felt like I just moved in. The bathroom was deeply cleaned and dusted , smelled like a garden . I had plumbers at the last minute and the cleaner was totally cool with it she even dusted where they worked after they left. When it comes to health I always make the best decisions so 5 stars for Nina . I hope we can schedule again in the nearly future. 

Linda A

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House Cleaning in San Mateo


A clean home is always a challenge, especially when you lack the time to do it properly. In a working family with a busy schedule, there's not always the right amount of time for deep cleaning. Home owners in San Mateo are looking for ways to maintain a clean house, without losing any precious moment of their quality time. That's when they ask for help from housekeepers, in order to help them with house cleaning. We are happy to collaborate with excellent professional housekeepers in San Mateo area, solving your problems about the dust that keeps showing up.


Guaranteed, professional and green cleaning


Sparkling Clean Agency is proud of the Eco Friendly cleaning techniques that are used in the houses of San Mateo for deep cleaning, ensuring that we keep your house clean, while saving the environment. There are many cleaning chemicals that contain toxic substances that may be harmful for our health. Our company is concerned about the environmental effects that such cleaning products may cause, and that's why we are only using non-toxic cleaning products for all the houses in San Mateo. In fact, the cleaners that we collaborate with are committing to use non-toxic natural cleaning products, as part of our dedication to the green cleaning.


Natural cleaning is the answer!


A natural cleaning allows your house to feel fresh, helping you to find the positivity that will enhance all the areas of your life. A clean home is not just free of dust, but is also allowing you and your family to enjoy every single moment, relaxing without any worries. Sparkling Clean Agency guarantees that your house will be cleaned by professionals house cleaner , facilitating the process as much as possible, saving you both time and energy.


Having trouble finding time for house cleaning?


We are all aware of the benefits of a clean home, but this doesn't mean that our busy schedule always allows us to do so. That's how Sparkling Clean Agency may help you find the right professionals for an eco-friendly cleaning, whether it's daily, weekly, or even monthly, from the smallest corner at your home in San Mateo, up to the move out cleaning you may need at some point in your life. It is very important for us to keep every one of you happy with our service, that's why we are proud for our reviews and the excellent customer service we provide, while arranging all the necessary details between you and the experienced and trustworthy house cleaner.



Save time, make an impact

If you feel that you can't keep up with consistent house cleaning any longer, wishing you could save your valuable time for your family and your friends, then you've found the right help. Sit back and enjoy your time while our housekeepers clean your home in San Mateo using trusted green cleaning solutions. Nothing feels better than having your house cleaning when also considering the environmental impact of using natural, non-toxic products. It's our duty to help you keep your house clean in a professional and natural way.