Green House Cleaning

Green house & apartment cleaning. Book your cleaning service now! Serving San Francisco.

Have you ever found yourself playing catch-up?

Running behind because life keeps moving forward?

Whether it's a free moment after work or before the day begins, peace of mind is a precious commodity. We specialize in giving you back some of your free time by keeping both your home and your schedule uncluttered. Wouldn’t you rather spend your free time relaxing or having fun rather than house cleaning? San Francisco families can get their free time back with Sparkling Clean Agency’s house cleaning services.

After all, your house is not just a house, it’s also a home. Our experienced housekeepers fully understand this.

We are dedicated to providing the best quality in customer service at affordable rates.

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Each and every cleaning includes...

  • All supplies for a perfect cleaning
  • Every cleaning is a deep cleaning
  • The cleaners will bring all the green, eco-friendly cleaning supplies
  • Bonding and Liability insurance

At Sparkling Clean we are committed to eco-friendly, green cleaning.  All the cleaners referred by us use only non-toxic cleaning products and are very knowledgeable in recommending the best non-toxic cleaning products for specific cleaning needs. Our philosophy is that the point of cleaning your house is not to replace bacteria with toxic chemicals, but to truly clean your house in a safe manner.

The cleaners even make their own in-house all-natural cleaning products for simple everyday cleaning needs.  They love the anti-bacterial powers of tea tree oil effect on green cleaning service. Without the harsh toxins, it’s a powerful solution for a quick wipe in the kitchen, especially if you have small children who are prone to exploring the world around them by touching and tasting everything.

Green Cleaning is not only about using non-toxic cleaning products, but also following procedures that reduce the consumption of natural resources and implement recycling whenever possible. Most of the housekeepers referred by Sparkling Clean Agency have attended workshops about recycling, and practice eco-friendly house cleaning. San Francisco dwellers can protect their house, the air and their health with our green cleaning services.

Others may charge a fortune for eco-friendly house cleaning. San Francisco’s Sparkling Clean Agency knows that not everybody can afford to spend a lot of money on cleaning services, so the housekeeper can design a personal cleaning program tailored to your wishes and style that suit your needs and budget.

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